Examples Of Tiny Invaders


In some weird ways you can argue that these little guys are oh so cute, but say that to a homeowner dealing with a gopher problem and he might go for your throat. Here in Phoenix, the pocket gopher is our resident terror. They are burrowing rodents that destroy landscaping and underground irrigation systems. You may notice a mound of dirt in your yard; that’s them and they’ve already made impressive work of your lawn under the surface. Digging about 2 feet down then laterally to move quickly under the surface, pocket gophers then begin to help themselves to services02mainroots, the burms that hold your irrigation water and even sometimes the foundation of your home. If you have a gopher problem call a professional immediately.


Specifically the brown dog tick here in Phoenix. These ticks like to jump onto your dog, feed and then jump off and hide in a crack or crevice and molt. Molting means they shed their shell and grow larger. Then they jump back on the dog, rinse and repeat until they’re ready to lay eggs. That can range anywhere between 250 to 5000 eggs; making the brown dog tick very hard to control. With the recent rise in cases of lime disease as well, if you have a tick problem you’ll want to get it under control as soon as possible. As always, call a professional so that the job can be done correctly.


Wild Birds

Some wild birds here in Phoenix can prove problematic to remove due to the fact that some are federally protected. There is no bait you can even consider using! You can’t trap protected birds and the gel treatment you can use to repel some other birds doesn’t work for all of them, namely pigeons. It’s not completely dire though, if they are nesting in your structure then you can take action against them, but remember, you can only stop them from nesting. It is important to call a professional if you have a wild bird problem, for you don’t want the man coming down on you for dealing with a pest.